I did a strategy session with Debbie. She was practical, and even though I really didn’t want to hear it, she was absolutely right. Here advice and feedback alone saved me from wasting time and money.

When others will tell you how great your dated marketing strategy is, Debbie will dig deeper and tell you want you can do and how to make it better. You need Debbie.

— Biba Atta,

EFT Coach

Deborrah is a genius when it comes to authority positioning! I've had the great pleasure of working with her this year to establishing myself as a leading productivity consultant, and the advice and guidance she has provided has been priceless!

I'd highly recommend working with Deborrah Ashley if you're ready to stop being your industry's best kept secret and start shining your light!

— Hazel Hardie,

Success & Leadership Coach

Deborrah is beyond awesome! She is full of life, knowledge and wisdom. I am amazed by her desire to truly make her clients into superstars in the social media space.  She even gives life mentoring tips! I cannot recommend Deborrah enough.

If you are looking to become the next “IT” person in your field then make sure you take the time to work with Deborrah. She is the real deal!

— Jason Greer,

Trainer & Employee Whisperer


With Deborrah Ashley of Thrivoo Marketing, the results are phenomenal!

Debbie designed, prepared, and helped me implement an authority positioning campaign that captures the essence of my unique professional experience as an intellectual property (IP) attorney, mentor and advocate for happiness at work.

Every aspect of the authority positioning plan she developed and cultivated for me is inspiring. It is exactly what I would do for myself if I had her talent.

I have IP attorneys, law firms and businesses following me who are interested in what I have to say about IP law and this is only the beginning! It is exactly everything I had hoped for and wanted!

— Rose B. James,

Registered intellectual property Attorney

Deborrah was on point with her coaching to position myself with my niche.

She provided strategies that when leveraged produced results beyond what I could have done without them.

Thank you for your coaching, patience and expertise.

-Patti Telford, Health Coach

Deborrah is a class act entrepreneur whose goal it is to help her clients build what I refer to as a “class act brand”, one that separates them from the rest! She builds strong relationships with her clients so that she’s able to bring out the best in them, allowing them to stand out and shine.

Deborrah inspires people to move past their fears and run straight forward into a future which sees no fear—only opportunities! If you’re seeking pure excellence in enhancing your personal and professional brand, Deborrah Ashley is THE branding and marketing professional I would highly recommend and would choose again and again!

— Maureen Greene,

Director, Diversity and Leadership Development

I have had the pleasure of working with Deborrah. She is a rock star! I consider her a very effective leader. Deborrah knows how to build and lead sales teams.

She has expert knowledge in marketing, branding and has a natural talent in finding opportunities in the market.

-Santos Figueroa, Senior Executive, BiFulco Medical

I struggled for a few years to work things out on my own (and that sucked!!!).

The moment I set that intention and said out loud without thinking about logistics, within 24 hours of me vocally affirming my intention with such conviction, Deborrah Ashley appeared.

'Dynamite Debbie' (as I affectionately call this marketing powerhouse) made such a positive impact on my life and my business.

Some of you have said to me how I've grown and changed in a short space of time while being online.

Thank you for blazing into my life and leaving your indelible mark in my heart at the same time.

— Gia Lilli,

Soul Relationship Coach

Irrespective of how excellent one is in their profession, you always need that professional sparring partner who can give you a bump up when you have cool ideas or questions to strategies you’ve conceptualized.

Deb did that for me... She LISTENED to what I very specifically asked for (a RARE case in today’s society). And she amped it up!

There are plenty of ‘all talk no substance’ on the market... Deb’s the real deal if you need someone to assist with Amping up your Marketing ideas