I just got an email from one of my first clients and her progress has me beaming from ear to ear. 

I can’t believe it’s been over 3 years since I started my business.

I left a perfectly comfortable my 9-5 job where I was generating (for them) an average of $300k monthly in revenue to start my own business. YUP.. Starting from scratch.

At first I thought I had it ALL figured out. I thought it would be easy to get my business off the ground because I'd been in marketing for 20 years.


It's a lot easier to work on someone else's strategy than your own. It took me 6 months to even figure out my niche.

I worked so hard yet I received very little results. I was tired, frustrated and irritated. I spent most days LURKING around thinking "today will be the day I put myself out there". I finally got help and made it happen.

Now I'm happier because I have the clarity I need to show up confidently and get results for my clients.

When I look back at those trying moments – those moments when I started doubting whether I made the right choice to leave my comfortable corporate job and a salary to die for – I realize that period of struggle was just what I needed to turn my business around.

During those dark times I learned:

🔥Although you’re down in the dumps, you’ve got to be up to something. Just because something is not working for you right now, it does not mean that you should give up. Get help from someone who's been there. I felt like a failure but that wasn't an option for me.

I DIDN'T ALLOW my self-doubt to stop me.


🔥Don’t compare yourself with others. Learn from them. Put time aside everyday to figure out what solutions your target clients need. During those dark times, I focused on what I can do that others are NOT doing.

🔥What you've learned or are learning in your 9-5 is still useful in your own business. When my business was not turning out the way I expected it to, I remembered RELATIONSHIP MARKETING was what generated the most money so I applied that to my business.

BOOM! My business started gaining traction. Whatever stage you are in your business, don’t give up .

Don’t discard what you've learned before. There is a reason why you may be going through certain events in your life.

Everything you need is already IN YOU!