Deborrah Ashley, the Authority Positioning Strategist, here to share some techniques to slay imposter syndrome. 

Have you ever lost the opportunity of a lifetime, one that would have easily positioned you as a KNOWN expert, because you second guessed yourself?

If so…

You’ll want to read, absorb and implement every bit of what I’m about to share.

I get contacted almost weekly by people who are brilliant at what they do and have such an incredible message, but no one knows their name.


Friends often describe them as the “best kept” secret in their field.

You know them, right?

They’ve found success in their work, but this “invisible feeling” is something they’ve carried with them most of their lives.

I can relate because I’ve missed out on a number of opportunities over the years, just from second guessing myself.

Opportunities that cost me tens of thousands of dollars simply because I was unable to see what others saw in me.

The world isn't perfect. It’s a mess. It has always been a mess. We’re not going to change it. Our job is to straighten out our own lives. - Joseph Campbell

There’s a reason why there’s less competition at the top and it has VERY LITTLE to do with ability and everything to do with.


I’ve had impostor syndrome for most of my life until most recently.

I was that person who didn’t think I knew enough to be on stage with incredible experts and their impressive bios, until I started having real conversations with them.

They would admit to their inner gremlins, the ones that would show up right before a big appearance on stage or if they had an opportunity with a dream client.

Thoughts like

❌You’ll never make it..

❌You’re not good enough…

❌You suck

They would even admit to the fear of being exposed as “a fake” while on stage.

This was really surprising to me, but I’m glad they trusted me enough to be that vulnerable.



You see, it helped ME better understand why one client I had, somehow “drop the ball” after being presented with her DREAM opportunity.

I immediately took that knowledge and enlisted the help of an expert to help my clients better manage imposter syndrome. This has literally changed how they show up. . So today, I’ll share some of the techniques with you.

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If you implement these, they will immediately put that inner chatter to rest, so you can get your incredible message out into the world.


First you should know that your inner gremlin is actually trying to protect you. This protection is part of a memory from something you may have experienced earlier in your life.

So here’s where to start:

🔥Make friends with your inner gremlin. When it pops up, ACKNOWLEDGE it and say the following:

Thank you. I know you’re trying to protect me but my purpose (say what your purpose is) is bigger than my fears.

🔥Know that you don’t have to be incredibly QUALIFIED to go after opportunities. You just have to know something your audience hasn’t thought of the same way. Share a new perspective.

🔥EMBRACE the core of who you are, which is a giver, and a helper, and a kind person.

You’re very much needed in this world.


You might be familiar with Stephen Covey’s eulogy exercise.

Imagine your funeral. You get to write out your obituary.

Here’s a twist I want to add to it.


Write your 'obituary' in two different ways...

1. Write it as a life of mediocrity, full of excuses. A path that a lot of people are on right now.

2. Now write it describing a life where you’re fulfilled. You showed up in every aspect of your life and lived a life of freedom and touched so many.

Then answer the following questions:

🚩Who would give a eulogy at your funeral?

🚩What did they most appreciate about you?

🚩What did your life mean to them?

🚩What impact did it have?

🚩What have they lost with your passing?

This should give you more than enough to start with and you’ll see results if you apply them.

Once I made the decision to shine my light and share more of who I am down to the core, thought leaders, sought me out to help them package their expertise.

Don’t let imposter syndrome stop you from showing the world what you're made off!


Debbie Ashley, is a positioning strategist who helps entrepreneurs and professionals package and position their expertise to get dream clients, paid speaking engagements, exclusive invitations and best of all, the recognition they deserve.

She has been featured in O’ The Oprah Magazine & The New York Times and being named as an online influencer by Klear. She can be reached at or in her facebook group The Inspired Trailblazers.