3 tips for entrepreneurs who want to knock social media sales out of the park

What makes some businesses and brands (with limited budgets) unforgettable online while others blend into the background? I liken being successful (converting clients) with social media to training for a marathon. In order to see results (we know our objectives) you need to develop and implement a focused game plan. 

Here are 3 tips for entrepreneurs who want to get noticed and knock sales out of the (online) park.

1) Ensure that you fully understand your ideal client. This builds the foundation for your online business and without it, you end up wasting a lot of time and money.  It amazes me how many business owners skip this step.  The first step in figuring out  your ideal client is knowing what problem it is you solve and why.  Here's a great exercise that I do with new clients.  Go back to how you felt when you had the problem that you will now be helping clients resolve. For me, it was translating a 20 year corporate sales and marketing career into a new way of thinking about marketing and sales and understanding how business do it online.  I now alleviate frustration and stress from lack of sales for my clients by guiding them on building the right social media foundation and most of all, showing them how to use social media to grow a business and increase sales without having to do much selling.  So your aim when posting on Instagram and Facebook is to speak to the need of your ideal client.

2) Get into a daily positive mindset practice NOW! Believe me.. you will need it as a business owner especially if you work out of a home office.  It will serve you well. I see countless clients coming to me who feel all they need is knowledge in their field and a laptop! Don't worry.. I thought the same thing too. This is not enough... but having a strong, resilient positive mind is a MUST. 

3) Be consistent with posting and "show up" on your social media platform of your choice by giving value and ENGAGING (yes, I'm talking to the lurkers..lol)  The key is to spend the most time where your audience hangs out and give as much value there. For me, it's Instagram (10,700 followers) Linkedin (my new favorite and 600+ connections) and Twitter (10,500 followers). Your ideal client needs to know you are an expert in your field and that you are trustworthy. One of the main ways to prove this is to be consistently of service and to provide as much support as you can.  Do you see how that can help.? 

So there you go.  Those are the just 3 ways that will give you an edge with social media marketing. Use this as part of your complete social media strategic plan.  

And just like marathon training, guess what the hardest part is? The first step is the hardest. Taking shortcuts with the process doesn't bring you closer to working with your ideal clients. Taking shortcuts will certainly not build revenue. Consistency, endurance and patience will.

Your reward? Followers/fan that are excited to work with you. Followers that helps you spread the word, share your content and give you feedback. It's a win/win..nothing can take away the knowledge that you can reach almost any goals if you implement on a good game plan and just keep going! 

BATTER UP!! (disclaimer.. I don't really watch baseball) 
please share if this information was a home run for you!!
Debbie with Thrivoo Social
Social Media Strategist and Consultant