No man (or woman) is an island. Working with others can help grow your business and promote your brand. It opens you to business opportunities that would take you a long time to achieve if you decided to slug it out on your own.

Guess what? Social media makes it easier to be noticed by people you can collaborate with. This is what I tell my clients all the time. You need to develop collaborations with other niche brands. But unless you put yourself in front of the right kind of audience, project your message and position yourself as an expert, then that will never happen.

I want you to take a look at the social media platform you’re the most active in or the one you want to actively use for your business. 

  • 💡How do you project yourself to your audience? 
  • 💡Do you understand how your target market thinks? 
  • 💡Do you know what their needs are? 
  • 💡How do you meet those needs?

Coming from a point of service makes you an asset to your industry. That is what will make your business stand out. If you consistently give value, more people will want to collaborate with you, because they know that you will add to their business and their clients.

When I first started online, I was a little unclear on my direction but I still shared the knowledge I had gained from 20 years in marketing and sales. My strength was and has always been in standing out as an expert in my field so I naturally shared tips on leveraging social media to grow your business and position yourself as an expert.

Since I spoke to the needs of entrepreneurs who didn't know where to begin marketing themselves online, I started getting requests to be a guest speaker in FB groups and even a guest appearance on radio.

My friends, this really WORKS!

I shared this strategy with my clients and they get collaborations with influencers, double their discovery calls and get invited to events.

Don’t be a lone star. Put yourself out there. Connect with people and shine!