I left a 10 year corporate sales and marketing career 5 months after announcing my intention to do so, and you can do it too.

I know what it can be like trying to transition from a traditional corporate career to building your business online. 6 months ago, I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug for the 3rd time while working full-time. I've started other businesses, but I never had such an urge to actually leave a full time career, especially a position where my salary created a VERY comfortable lifestyle. But guess what!! Life isn't always about living in your comfort zone. It's about breaking free and living your passion.

Here's are a few steps that made my transition a lot easier. YES. I understand that everyone cannot follow all of these steps but do as many as you can.

1. Try to reduce your monthly expenses (I paid my car off) and save 3-4 months of "play" money. So prepare yourself so that you don't stressing out and so you don't have to dig into your savings or 401k.. start saving this week (can you comfortable put away $200-$500 weekly?).
2. Define your ideal client. Not just 25-35 year old females who want to live their passion. I'm talking down to what keeps her/him up and night, what type of car he/she drives, what she/he does after work to relax, etc...
3. Executing/Implementing is probably the hardest part my friends. It's a lot easier to plan, read, plan, build the website, rebuild, get on a webinar, download an opt-in. STOP... just get out there. Start getting people excited. Then build your copy, posts, etc around what you know excites your ideal client.
4. Start getting really visible on social media. Getting visible means sharing your knowledge, your skills, your expertise. You have 5 major options but the key is to gain visibility on 1 or 2 social media platform where your ideal clients hang out. I "happened" upon Instagram as a viable option for business when I was tagged in a post for someone looking for a social media manager. That's when the lightbulb went off. People actually hire others on Instagram? I went to work. I grew my Instagram account from 50 followers to 9,000 organic and engaged followers in 6 months. By month 2, I was getting requests for advice and strategy help.
5. Offer your knowledge freely with nothing in return. Some people ask me why I share so much "how to" advice on Instagram. Why shouldn't I? The clients that I work with want to know how to build a foundation on social media to increase their visibility, connect with their prospects and increase sales without being salesy, BUT they hire me because I put together the strategic plans and provide the GUIDANCE to execute the right strategies that will get them there a LOT quicker.
6. We can't always hop on and get a lot done while still in the office but begin to automate as much as you can. Start getting your processes in place. Share posts before you leave for work in the morning, during lunch and after you get home.
7. Set a time line for when you will give your 2 week notice and work backward. What we call reverse engineering. For example, let's say your "_________ (insert company name) liberation day" (yes I had a theme) is December 1st. What steps will you need to work on in order to meet that Dec. 1st goal? Write down EVERYTHING that needs to be done from now until Dec 1st but work backward.

If you're tired of trying  to figure it out and you’d rather have someone who's been there and succeeded to show you what to do next, email me at dashley@thrivoo.com so that I can help you gain clarity and give you some steps to move forward.

I'm Debbie and I help entrepreneurs to increase their exposure, connect with their dream clients and raise their profits.