Overcoming The Small Business Burnout

Business owners deal with many responsibilities when it comes to the business they're growing. Not only are they the CEO, but they also have to be the sales manager, the marketing manager, social media manager and accountant to name a few. At times trying to balance all of these different roles can leave them feeling like there isn't a light at the end of the tunnel.

If you're a Business owner, then you can attest to what I've just said. Truth is, while you might not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel that you're currently traversing, you keep pushing ahead knowing that you will get there soon enough.

Throughout the journey of growing the business, it becomes easier to lose the work life balance that you once had prior to creating the company. But finding time in your day to remain grounded when all else around you seems to be floating away is important.  Highly important in fact; without taking time out of your day or at the least once per week to stay grounded in what helps keep you at peace, you'll quickly burn yourself out. 

It’s a fact that burnout can unfortunately cost your company money, which no one can afford to lose. So it’s in your best interest to add not only spiritual practices into your to-do list but regular everyday life practices as well.

Below are some tips that can be done 10-20 minutes per day that I encourage my friends, clients and followers to do and I encourage you to practice some of them in order to avoid the costly burnout.

Remember, these tips don't have to be done every day but they should be incorporated at some point throughout the week.

§  Enjoy moments! Go get fresh air, to eat something healthy, to have a glass of wine, to laugh or to make a phone call to someone near and dear to your spirit

§  Read a few pages in the book that you've been wanting to read.

§  Meditate or pray for 5-10 minutes a day

§  Watch something motivational

§  Go for a walk or a quick jog

§  Journal/write in a diary

Good Luck!