One of the top questions I encounter when speaking with business owner is "I just don't have time to get everything done and I know I need help, but what things can you help me with?" I'm not surprised because a business owner is typically pulled in 5+ different directions which makes it impossible to focus on the bottom line.   Being able to let go and delegate also presents a  challenge for those new to it.

I put this guide of "11 recurring tasks that you can delegate to The EA Group", to help guide you in the process. 

DATABASE MANAGEMENT:  It’s often said that the cost of acquiring a new client is significantly more expensive than keeping an existing one. Whether it's keeping track of contacts made at networking events or updating birthdays or renewal info for existing contacts, making use of the information you keep in your databases will put you ahead of the competition.

ONLINE RESEARCH: This can be used to gain information for your blog post and staying on top of current industry trends. The industry information can be used to update your Social media feed or bring up interesting developments in conversation with customers and prospects. 

SOCIAL MEDIA: We all know the importance of having a social media presence. As business owners, you may have limited resources making social media even more advantageous. An experience social media virtual assistant can take care of updates, creating the right hashtags, scheduling and managing campaign. We can even manage your Linkedin Page.

EMAIL CAMPAIGNS: The most important aspect of the email campaigns is managing a solid updated database of subscribers who have opted in to receive information from you.  Your subscribers will then get all the latest updates and promotional offers from your business.  

DOCUMENT PREP:  As we all know, paperwork is time consuming and can sometimes be a headache to go through all the details  A Virtual Assistant will get your documents ready for presentation, proposal and even set up your registration and licenses.  Delegating your paperwork gives you a tremendous amount of time each month to focus on other aspects of your business.

INVOICING:  Without a doubt, invoicing and bill paying is one of the most important aspects to have organized in  business, however, it's very time-consuming.  A virtual assistant can manage all of your invoices to ensure that you are paid accurately and in a timely manner.  

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE: Keeping tabs on bills and other bookkeeping matters can be one of the easiest things to assign to a virtual assistant. Having someone to in charge of outstanding invoices or unpaid bills also makes organizing a lot easier. 

SOCIAL TASKS: Virtual assistants can handle your social tasks such as writing holiday cards or sending thank you notes. 

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Managing projects, deadlines, vendors, contractors and deliverable can be tough when you are busy. Your virtual assistant will setup a common project platform so that you can see all the project status updates. 

MANAGING ANALYTICS: A key tool when measuring customer reach is knowing how to read the data..  This gives an indication of what works and what doesn’t with your email marketing. Since a virtual assistant does a lot of work online, this is an easy task to delegate to a virtual assistant who is knowledgeable in social media.

PRODUCTION SCHEDULES:  A virtual assistant can create and manage your production schedule for your next launch event.  With any upcoming launch or event, it’s important to write out and keep track off every single detail. When you stay on task, subsequent tasks will flow smoothly reducing the stress sometimes experienced with deadlines.  

If you're unsure if utilizing the services of a virtual assistant is for you, why not take advantage of our trial 10 hour package. With proper planning, we can do a lot for you in 10 hours.  I hope that  it can help you to see just how much more you can accomplish with a top-notch virtual assistant, like The EA Group.

With some understanding and patience, once you have get the hang of it, working with a VA is seamless and rewarding.