I’m Deborrah and I’m known as a Genius Activator.

I left a 6 figure career expecting my education and experience to lead me to success. It didn't. 

After struggling for nearly a year, I realized I needed to work smarter not harder. That meant investing in ME by working with a mentor. That one decision changed my entire life!

I went from simply showing up to STANDING OUT. Door started opening to dream clients & lucrative opportunities.

Now I help my clients do the same:

► Like Jamie, who was looking to package her leadership background. She worked with me to develop her authority brand and amplify her voice. Within a month of putting the plan into place, she was sought-after to create and lead a pilot project with Microsoft.

► And Sarah, who was laid off from a well paid corporate position at age 45. After 6 months of interviews gone wrong and playing the waiting game, I helped her develop a contingency plan and package her genius. She has finally exceeded her corporate salary and is projected to double that in 2019.

You can say I’m the person who helps you illuminate what’s been hidden inside for too long.

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I have an UNFAIR advantage because this work comes natural for me.

--> My gift is clarity and I know how to combine your unique genius with buyer psychology to help you stand out as an authority in your industry.

--> I have a strategic mind and I see the opportunities you're ALREADY uniquely positioned for but not leveraging.

--> I know how to build a unique profit plan around your genius so you can package it for multiple streams of revenue.

Some people commented that I appeared out of nowhere like a tornado.

But this was a series of deliberate steps of positioning myself strategically in the right places and reconnecting to my hidden genius to stand out from the noise.

To date, I’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs make over $1 Million in just a few years, generated over $300 million for businesses, and have been in Oprah Magazine & The NY Times. 

Let's talk about how I can use my decades of marketing and business development experience and extensive knowledge of LinkedIn to help you attract new opportunities, get you paid based on what you bring to the table, gain traction online, and have your message heard above the noise.



Founder of Thrivoo Marketing, Deborrah is known for helping leaders go from simply showing up to STANDING OUT as the obvious choice to attract buyers, opportunities, investors, and partners.

Deborrah’s mission is to help 50,000 experts package, & monetize their genius by 2020.

A serial entrepreneur and former board member of the Atlanta Chapter of the National Black MBA Association, To date, she has helped dozens of entrepreneurs make over $1 Million and generated over $300 million for businesses.

She left a six-figure corporate career at age 46 to launch her business full time and has been featured in Oprah Magazine and The NY Times.