I’m Deborrah, founder of PROFIT FROM YOUR GENIUS ACADEMY. I've had the opportunity to work in various industries, in and with corporations, small businesses, and start-ups throughout my 20+ year career.

The one thing that helped me to generate over $300M in revenue for these brands was my understanding of buyer psychology and authority positioning and how to leverage it to increase sales.
Now I help others do the same.


Not too long ago, I was the poster child of accomplished but invisible. Remember the movie hidden figured? YEA I could have easily played that role.

  • Keep your head down,

  • Work hard

  • Don’t ruffle too many feathers.

  • Don't be so outspoken.

  • Don't be so intimidating

  • Fit in by any means necessary,

And that I did.

As a matter of fact, I “performed” so well that I checked off all the boxes on the perfect little form.

  • Graduate Degree

  • Six-figure career

  • Buy dream car

Only to hit my 40s and feel COMPLETELY empty inside. Dealing with subtle forms of bias on a daily basis, I actually started to feel numb. It not only affected how I showed up, but my overall well-being.

For a while, I was even beating myself up, thinking about all the years I wasted overthinking every move, feeling like I’d accomplished nothing significant.

I finally found the courage to walk away from my 20 year corporate career. Little did I know it would be so hard. I took me 378 days (who’s counting right?) to figure things out after leaving and many time I thought about how easy it would be to just go back.

DSC_4034 (1).jpg


I went from having ZERO social media presence to being listed as a the top social media INFLUENCER. And that was In a span of 8 months.

I was invited to participate in several radio and podcast interviews,

I was invited to speak at a women's conference with my fees and all expenses covered.

I started attracting my dream clients… ones I have taken from the best-kept secret to being seen as authorities in their field.

After hiring a coach, I learned how to combine my existing knowledge with what was needed to put the right business processes in place online.

Once I put all the right strategies in place, my business completely took off.

I finally realized to really be happy, I had to put MY DREAMS first before anything. To do what I wanted to do, not what OTHERS expected of me.

We have a limited time on this earth and I'm all about making every minute count.

Some have said you can’t make a living, or build wealth, doing what you love.

I COMPLETELY DISAGREE. And I'm living proof of it.

Now I wake up with a renewed joy, clarity, purpose and passion for life.

I'm excited about this person I've become, living life as I want to live it, crossing off items from my bucket list weekly.

I'm known as the catalyst for visionaries who are ready to profit from their knowledge in a big way.

You can say I’m the person who helps you illuminate what’s been hidden inside for too long.

To date, I’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs make over $1 Million in just a few years, generated over $300 million for businesses, and have been in Oprah Magazine & The NY Times. 

I believe that we all need someone to hold us accountable along our journey and I’ve been that champion my entire life.

If you are determined to attract new opportunities, make the type of money you deserve, and have your message and impact heard above the noise, then apply for a free breakthrough session below.


Deborrah Ashley, Authority Positioning Strategist and LinkedIn Trainer.

Deborrah helps entrepreneurs break out of obscurity so they are seen as the “GO-TO” expert in their space.

She learned the ropes during her 20 year career in brand development, marketing strategy, and business development while working in New York’s Fashion Industry and for niche brand clients like Ideal Image, Neiman Marcus and Hair Club for Men & Women.

A serial entrepreneur and former board member of the Atlanta Chapter of the National Black MBA Association, this Tampa resident has generated over $300 million in revenue for entrepreneurs, business owners, and top brands.

She has been featured in O’ The Oprah Magazine and the New York Times.

You can find out more info about Deborrah and Thrivoo Marketing at www.thrivoo.com