I’m Deborrah and I've been in many different corporate roles and started a few businesses throughout my 20+ year career. I’ve even consulted with some of the most brilliant leaders in their industries. These experiences taught me a few key things:

  • How to create and bring concepts and ideas to market.

  • How to build a network and mobilize people to a cause.

  • And best of all, how to package my knowledge to make money and find opportunities in the marketplace.

Now I help others do the same.
► Like Walt, who brought me in to develop a proof of concept strategy for his client. Using an authority positioning and nurture strategy, the client landed a $35,000 contract.
► And Marcia who struggled for 2 YEARS to translate her decades of knowledge in the corporate world into a profitable business. After working with me for 3 months, she attracted 4 high value clients. Now she’s on track to make what used to be her annual salary.
► And Jamie who implemented my strategies and in less than a month was sought-after to lead a project with Microsoft based on her expertise

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I have an UNFAIR advantage when it comes to strategy and marketing:
--> My gift is clarity and seeing the overall picture to monetize your expertise.
--> I have a strategic mind and I know how to use positioning to influence buying decisions.
--> I know how to leverage your experience and ideas to get you noticed as a subject matter expert. 

It certainly wasn’t an easy journey though. I left a comfortable 6 figure career thinking my education and prior experience would be enough to get me to my business goals. It wasn’t.

BUT IT DID OPEN UP MY EYES to a glass ceiling I had created.

As I started to build my business, playing small and being overlooked followed me around like my shadow. I couldn’t shake it.

  • I started wondering if I was really as good as I’d thought I was and if I should just go back to what was comfortable.

  • I wondered if what I had to share was even of interest to anyone.

  • I felt like I was letting everyone who believed in me down.

  • I was also proving others RIGHT.. THOSE who told me this wouldn't work.

It hit me to test out an idea. Focus more on building my authority and less on making sales.

Some people commented that I appeared out of nowhere like a tornado, but this was more of a series of deliberate steps of positioning myself strategically in the right places and tapping into my hidden brilliance to stand out from the noise.

Within a few months, my world just opened up. I found my North Star and started attracting some really COOL clients. It wasn’t long before I doubled my income from my previous month and then tripled it.

To date, I have built 3 highly profitable businesses, generated over $300 million for businesses, been in Oprah Magazine and The New York Times, and have helped over 100 entrepreneurs package and monetize their expertise and I’m just getting started.

Let's talk about how I can use my decades of marketing and business development experience and extensive knowledge of LinkedIn to help you attract new opportunities, get you paid based on what you bring to the table, gain traction online, and have your message heard above the noise.


Founder of Thrivoo Marketing and The Monetize LinkedIn Mastermind, Deborrah Ashley is a leader in helping businesses and professionals strategically leverage social media. Deborrah also provides coaching to high achievers to help them package and position their brilliance to stand out as the obvious choice to attract buyers, opportunities, investors, and partners.

To date, she has built 3 highly profitable businesses, generated over $300 million for businesses, been in Oprah Magazine and The New York Times, and has helped over 100 entrepreneurs package and monetize their expertise.