Leverage Your “IT” Factor  

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Deborrah (Debbie) Ashley

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Speaker’s Agreement

General Terms

●     You agree to participate as an Expert for one interview

●     You agree to participate in one 30 min recorded video FB Live interview on the subject area(s) discussed prior to the call

●     You agree that the call will be shown live by Thrivoo Marketing (Debbie Ashley)

●     Debbie Ashley agrees to provide the back-end coordination and production for this event, including zoom link, recording equipment, email reminders to participants, etc.


●     You agree to do this interview without charge, and agree not to request compensation from Debbie for this interview

Intellectual Property

●     The material that you share on your expert interview is, and will remain, solely yours.

●     You will be provided with a recording of your expert interview.  You are free to re-purpose, re-sell, and re-use your recording indefinitely, and without compensation to Debbie Ashley. In so doing we ask that you identify Debbie Ashley as the interviewer, and provide a link to our website.

●     Debbie Ashley may re-purpose, re-sell, and re-use your recording without compensation to you.

No Marketing/promo commitment.

The signatures noted below indicate full compliance with the terms, request and promises stated above.

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