Hi!  I'm Deborrah Ashley.  People call me Debbie and I'm known as a game changer, people connector, and industry innovator and I'm obsessed with Oprah and her brand. 

I spent the last 2 decades building awareness around brands in the corporate world and consulting with some of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in their industries.

Before fully embracing my purpose, I spent 10 years with Ideal Image, a leader in the medical cosmetic industry.  I was part of a small team that grew the company to over 120 locations and 2 National Call Centers.  As one of the top producers in the company, I  generating nearly $400 Million in sales during my 10 year career, before leaving to start my own business at the age of 46.

With the company's exceptional performance and growth, Ideal Image was sold to a publicly traded company in 2011.

My introduction into the corporate world was quite rocky. 

Fresh out of business school, I worked in New York's Fashion Industry, which was an awesome experience but tough.

My first jolt into the reality of the fashion industry was right after I traveled overseas to showcase the 'wares' for a designer client.  I spent most of the day putting together a report for a client giving them insight and feedback from interested buyers and distributors.

I sent to the report to my director to review. Later that day, I found out, my director submitted my report with his name on it.

That crushed me. I felt voiceless, powerless, undervalued and small.

But it also started a chain of events that led on my journey into taking control of how I showed up with  INTENTION

The following year, I decided to move to Atlanta and joined The National Black MBA Association shortly after.

Months later, I was invited to run for a position on the board. 

I received 90% of the vote from a membership of 450+ people. From there, doors opened up including an interview with Oprah Magazine.

That shaped me to this day to use my gifts to  help others, the 'best kept secret' get a seat at the table so their ideas are no longer ignored or marked as low priority.

What changed?  I realized getting recognition was less about the hard work..and More the SMART work.

I learned how to leverage my “It” Factor.

I did a strategy session with Debbie. She was practical, and even though I really didn’t want to hear it, she was absolutely right. Here advice and feedback alone saved me from wasting time and money. When others will tell you how great your dated marketing strategy is, Debbie will dig deeper and tell you want you can do and how to make it better. You need Debbie
— Biba Atta, EFT Coach

You're probably asking.. What's your ‘IT’ factor" Debbie?

It’s one of the most sought after things in the world.   Think of  Oprah Winfrey, Bozoma Saint John, Melanie Hobson Sheryl Sandberg, Arianna Huffington,  and a whole host of others, and you’ll quickly see just how powerful leveraging your “IT” Factor can be.

It sets the stage to help you become one of the most highly regarded person in your industry.

To date, I have built 3 profitable businesses (two built while working full time), one that got noticed by Oprah Magazine and The New York Times, and helped over 100 entrepreneurs build awareness around their personal brand!

Now... everything I do is focused on helping my clients strategically grow their brand to build impact and influence and amplify their message, so they can get a seat at the table, get their ideas heard and be taken seriously to effect change. 

I can help you too. If you'd like to be seen, heard and get sought-after as an industry leader, without sacrificing your health, joy or self worth, then you'll absolutely love working with me.

Request a consultation today!